Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization

If you have a website and have not had Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done to it then you might as well be trying to hide your website from the entire world. Today’s professionals and businesses must have SEO done to their websites to make sure people can find them online. If you care about staying relevant in today’s techno-centric market, then you simply must optimize your web content so that it is visible on the web to the most people possible.

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of your web pages on search engines. SEO aims to push your web pages to the top of organic search results pages like on (Google, Yahoo and Bing). Businesses need leads they can convert to customers. Surveys show that SEO ranks highest with growing importance as a source of leads, gaining a grade of 94% — beating social media (85%), emails (79%), and blogs (68%).

The SEO process is complex and multifaceted, and it takes considerable time, patience, knowledge, and expertise to develop an SEO plan that works.  On top of that, you must work to stay current with the rapidly evolving and ever-changing world of SEO guidelines, standards, and tactics.  Your best bet when it comes to accomplishing all that is SEO is to recruit the help of qualified professionals.

S E O, or Search Engine Optimization is a collection of tactics designed to help your webpages rank better for the keyword phrases you are targeting. The main difference between S E O and say, pay per click advertising is that the visitors you receive from your listings will not cost you anything. These free listings are also called organic listings and there are usually ten such listings per page.

Your listings are triggered whenever someone searches for a particular term, also known as a keyword phrase using a search engine. The search engine does its best to return the most relevant web pages for the search performed. Your goal then, is to help the search engines understand what your web page content is most relevant for. The clearer you communicate your relevance, the more likely it is that you’ll receive good search engine rankings.

Generally speaking, there are two main SEO techniques to perform to each page of your site. They are, “On page SEO” and “Off page SEO”. On page SEO includes any improvement made to your site and Off page SEO includes backlinking, social bookmarking and more.