Video SEO (VSEO) has become increasingly popular in recent years.  YouTube is currently the second largest search engine, and it is owned by search engine giant Google.  VSEO campaigns on YouTube have a unique twist.  In addition to acting as a search engine, YouTube also acts as a social media site.  YouTube is highly interactive for users and communities built around specific YouTube channels.

Below is a brief guide on how to start a Video SEO campaign on YouTube:
1.Come up with an interactive plan and a goal.  Make user experience better by having a direction for your video clips.  Spend some time to think about a few measurable goals you want to accomplish on YouTube.  Do you want to generate leads, increase brand recognition, or boost social media marketing efforts on social media networking sites such as Facebook and Google+?  Also think about how viewers respond to your video clips.
2.Cut production costs and focus on content.  In general, YouTube videos do not need to be television quality.  They need to be easy to view and understand, and production costs can end there.  Focus on engaging content.  Get viewers involved in your YouTube campaign.
3.Translate video clips into achievements. Revisit your initial goals, and see how well you did.  It might take a few tries to find what really works for your brand.  Once you are on the right track, keep posting video clips.  It is important to periodically reassess your goals and your VSEO strategies.

This is just a taste of what needs to be done. Our friends over at Search engine land has wrote up a whole post which is very extensive on what needs to be done to rank on YouTube. We suggest you have a look at it and you can see for yourself just how involved it is to making a video rank well in YouTube.
What Content Will Make Your Audience Excited About Your Brand?

It is always important to know your customer.  Many Video SEO campaigns start with some impromptu market research.  Most small business owners do not have time to handle the following in-house:
1.Video production
2.Social media management
3.Commercial production